I’m a big fan of Mockoon and I have written a blog post about it here. Embedding mockoon on Android wasn’t a requirement but just something that I thought and wanted to do and in this blog I will explain how I did it.

Here is the link to the…

As a mobile developer (or a front end) one of our primary job is to integrate with API. Working with backend team is not easy, sometimes the API’s aren’t ready and other times there is no documentation.

One of my pain points during development is testing with server response. Here…

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Being both Android and IOS developer I know the pain of working with both platforms. Implementing a feature both in Android and IOS is no fun with duplicated code and quadrupled headache. But this blog is not about why cross platform development is good or bad. …

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One of the things that frequently comes in my mind when thinking about state management is diffing. As someone who is familiar with React JS I was impressed by the diffing done by JS using virtual DOM. Well, this will all change with Jetpack Compose. …

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If you have been doing android development for quite some times then you might have heard about multi-module projects. I myself have invested time and effort in learning modular programming. It works pretty well when you get modularization right 😉.

Well, in this story I am not going to talk…

After implementing various projects with multi-module approach I can tell you that modular approach is the way to go if you can afford it.

If you haven’t read my blog on creating a custom gradle plugin to facilitate multi-module project I recommend you to read it (this is not needed…

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“Requirement is the mother of innovation”

I recently had a requirement to implement a curved bottom navigation with animation inspired by this pinterest post.


Here is the final demo of what we are going to build

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In any mobile app, Splash Screen is the first thing that the user will see. Despite this I have seen many developers implement splash screen with a fixed timeout, making the users of their app wait even though the app is not doing any initialization.

Let’s think about this, suppose…

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Linux is a proven system for many tasks. But one of the things that I think linux is behind is in multimedia, specially audio. We have all experienced audio in windows and how good it is. Most of the time this goes to the proprietary drivers that’s available in windows…

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There are many architectures for developing android applications like MVP, MVVM, MVI, etc. By architecture I am referring to presentation layer architecture, you may architect your application using Clean architecture, Hexagonal architecture, Onion architecture, etc. One of the architectures that have proven to be effective is unidirectional state flow which…

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